heidi∞ (heidi8) wrote in fapposters,

A change to the fic submission form

We've added a section for end-of-fic Author's Notes over on the Submission Form on FA. Now, there's a box for up to 4000 characters of post-"read/review" author's notes, in addition to the ones that one can put into the Header.

Acknowledgements, dedications, information, your email address, online journal, AIM, ICQ or YM name - put all of that there. If you paste your post-fic Author's Note into the space provided on the Submission Form, it will be automatically placed after the Read? Review! link. If you include it in the file you submit, it will be placed above the Read? Review! link and may discourage people from scrolling down to the Read? Review! link, and it still won't count towards your minimum-word-count total.

Questions? Feel free to ask here.
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