alexia (alexia75) wrote in fapposters,

The Six Degrees of the HP Fandom

A new community has started up called sixdegrees_hp.

It's a new game which appeared in my mind as if granted to me by a group of slightly drunk fairies.

The rules are simple, but my general incoherence leads me to have to redirect you to the bullet points in the userinfo. Sorry.

Seriously, looking at the userinfo will only take two minutes of your time... but if during that time you find yourself shaking your head, or pondering on how fun it would be, and how you would meet new people and maybe Win That Badge then sign up and play. It doesn't take much time but it's a hoot and a half.

Ok, I'll shut up now. You see what I mean about the incoherence.

Mods - if this isn't OK, then please delete it (but take a look at the comm first).

----alexia :D
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